Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intuition and Dr Lorenzo Diana

Tonight I went into a  store with my friend  Lindda and we had a very syncronistic encounter with a  store clerk. She came up to me and asked if I needed any help , to whichI replied no.  She then proceeded to ask about my profession and    wondered if  I was a model. I quickly chuckled  and thanked her for the compliment and said Iwas a Naturopathic Doctor, which I normally don't discuss with strangers, but in this case I was compelled.  The woman confided in  me that she has seen Naturopaths  in the past . She was currently seeking care for a skin condition. So what is the syncronicity in this situation you may ask... well for one the store clerk confessed that when I came in the store she was compelled to start a conversation with me , two I went into that store hesitantly because another store did not carry this product that I needed to buy, third the condition that the woman had was my expertise and I'm currently wanting to write a book about, fourth she was travelling to a place in Italy where my parents were raised. The list goes on and on. Please pay atention to these syncronicities and your intuition you will surprised by what comes your way!!!!!        

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